The running update

May have come to a close, and I have take the time to analyse my running metrics from Strava and up date my running plan according to what was achieved in the month versus what I planned and expected to achieve.

I was disappointed at first, looking at how my running plan was rather sporadic and unfocused, and it looked like I had not achieved much at all, I was 5.2 miles short for the whole month and that could easily have been achieved if I had not missed 2 runs and maybe fit a few more in, during the first week.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 07.39.56
A weak finish in May


However, I then looked again and I realised. Hey! You got off your butt and you ran at least once a week for 5 weeks! Something that I have never been able to commit to. I now look a head towards the next month, June, with hope that I can pull off another 4 weeks of commitment. I may even start logging Water intake and Calories consumed vs Calories burnt for each week. But we will see. I’d be grateful of any tips anyone has for training for a half marathon.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 07.40.09
A strong start to June

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