13 mile progress

I’m second in from the left.

After volunteering for VLM2017 (Virgin London Marathon – 2017), I hold it in my heart to run a marathon and what better way to start small than to aim for a half marathon! People who know me are already calling me crazy, I have become some what lethargic in during my 20’s. I blame university and the stress for my weight gain. But lets be honest about this, I’m just lazy!

Well lazy me over the last 4 years has become a master at Microsoft Excel, and loves a good organisation spreadsheet. I have one for every part of my life, which I have been told is very abnormal.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.24.45
A glimpse into my training plan spreadsheet. The numbers in blue are planned miles and the numbers in orange are achieved miles.

The spreadsheet is helping me stick to my training plan, I guess it is what ever works for the person in question. I know that I am rather good at organising myself, and this spreadsheet is my way forward. Yes…you can see the 0 miles achieved in my second week. In my defence my leg muscles are going into shock from the running I am doing. I may need to consult a sports therapist and trainer for some advice.

If you find yourself on Strava, then feel free to follow me: Link to profile.


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