The future of medicine is bleak…

I know it is over a month away, but I feel that there is never a bad time to remind everyone how big of a problem antimicrobial resistance poses to modern medicine. Did you know 50% of antibiotics used worldwide are fed to livestock unnecessarily? Did you know that the majority of the antibiotics we produce are ineffective against certain bacteria? Did you know 50% of antibiotics prescribed are wrongly prescribed or mistreated by people not completing their course? Did you know that it is estimated that in 2050 our antibiotics will be void! and standard surgeries will be very dangerous as most infections occur post surgery? Finally, did you know it takes 30 years to identify and test the effectiveness of a new antibiotic and a significantly less length of time for a bacteria to be resistant to that antibiotic.

We’ve abused it and now we are going to lose it. What can we do? We can raise awareness. We can complete the whole course of antibiotics we are prescribed. We can stop feeding farm animals antibiotics for better meat production. We can pump money into the research to save medicine and the lives of the elderly, young, and immunocompromised. This is not just a problem of the future, this is a current issue, thousands of people die every year and it will only get worse as we move forward.

World Health Orgnaisation (2015)
World Health Orgnaisation (2015)

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