Second year in hindsight.

I write this blog tonight as an exciting new chapter starts in my life. I am moving forward into the final year of my studies with great anticipation of what is to come later on in life. I find myself after the nearly year long break from my blog; which I took to study hard and push myself for the best grades that I could possibly achieve; pondering on my future and where I am going?

The new term starts in less than two weeks, and work on my final year project is well under way. My research had already reached nearly 30 pages long, and is currently in the process of being written up as a short proposal for the laboratory testing that I am due to start in less than three weeks time. But amongst all this madness I am still finding the time to plan the events for the Biological Society I have helped set up on campus this year and asking my tutors for references; for scholarships, programmes and potential future jobs that I wish the pursue. 

I can see that this next year is going to busy, I found myself at near breaking point at the end of my second year, spending countless hours in the library revising for my finals, and feel the stress taking over my body. I do not think that I will ever forget the endless nights of me crying over textbooks in the library telling myself over and over that I knew the topics, and that it was simple. The things that I have learnt from this life experience so far; keep on top of it, your revision should never start so close to an exam. If it is anything that I learnt, is that listen to your lecturers when they say “you need to be going over your topics the week after the teaching and self learning has occurred“. Stay on top, do not let bad habits take over and constantly revise the topics you are learning, because it detrimental to your health to leave your revision for a 15 and 30 credit modules until last minute.

I suppose the best thing that has come of this so far, is that the lecturers that I am approaching for references have gotten to know me well and are more than happy to give me references. I can not get sure of this, but from what I can see it is simply because of the hard work and interest in my topics that I have put in, and because of this I can definitely say that the quote from Collin Powell is not just a motivation load of b******s, its true hard facts.

To have come so far and done so well, through the hard work that I have done, has really increased my determination to strive for success, push for the best and make my dreams become a reality. I am urging those of your who are reading this blog post, who are at university or those of you who are prospective students, millions of students can pass their degree, millions may drop out. But out of these millions if there is one thing that I have learnt so far, it is that those of us who show we have the determination for the best and work our arses of to be the best at what we are doing; we get can achieve our dreams. I’m not saying that others can’t but I know that one things is certain; and that is that when I get to my dream (eventually) I will make sure that I enjoy every second of my success; because I will know that the months of stress I endured through my exams and the after them will never have been in vain. 



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