One small step, for an undergraduate. But one GIANT leap, for myself.

Well my dear followers, I realize that I took a twist in direction the other day – by blogging about the latest iOS update coming out soon. I am not sure how regular my relapse posts are going to become (especially since this is my “professional” blog – as I like to refer to it). But I realize that I have not updated recently on how the project is going and how just about everything that has been going on. So I think a good place to start back at the end of may, more updates on the projects are to come later on, but for now I feel that I should concentrate on my end of the first year.

End of University (Year 1)

I can officially declare that Year 1 of my degree – BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences – has been a wonderful success story. Almost like Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.  I have conquered my Voldemort – my exams apologies for the rubbish analogies here guys – and celebrated my victory in the good old student way.  I think considering how much work I feel I have taken on, and all of my personal family business that has gone on, I have left this year with some pretty exceptional grades:

  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry – 62%
  • Fundamentals of Biology & Physiology – 74%
  • Elements of Drug Discovery – 58%
  • Practical and Professional Skills – 72%
  • Basic Chemistry for Life Sciences – 68%

I know that I faltered a little with the ‘EDD’ as we refer to it at university, but it was during this time that my mother tore her tendon. I know, I know it is no excuse and I could have put more effort into independent study – but I am happy with my results. Plus, I have been told that first year does not count towards final grade; what is up with that?

Nonetheless the final term of year one has closed, and I was sad to see my newfound family and network of friends disband as we drove off, boot filled with even more Junk that we had accumulated over our 42 weeks of Higher Education.  But can tell you this for sure, I cannot wait to go back next year. If I had to give you any more tips for this year I would leave you with these three additional tips:

Survival Tip #8 – Group studying/revision is such a key element to doing well. Do not let yourself get bogged down in a textbook – stressing yourself out. Lighten the mood and do some peer learning/revision. It makes it easier.

Survival Tip #9 – Make sure that you pack anything embarrassing well – parents are nosey and like to snoop. It can be avoided by giving them no reason to snoop, keep your dignity high and your embarrassment minimal.

Survival Tip #10 – Enjoy university while you can, I have only just finished first year, but it has flown by and I have a feeling I will be graduating before I know it! Do not let it fly by, enjoy all the highs, lows and what the hell do I do now’s?


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