Why I love iOS 7, but will be removing it until the official release.

I must admit, I have not used android for coming up to 3 years so I do feel obliged to indicate that I may sound biased through this blog post; but I am trying my best not to be and to show all sides of mobile operating systems (OS) as possible.

After yesterdays keynote, announcing the design and key feature of Apple’s new iOS 7, I must say I fell in love and could not wait to get my hands on it to have a feel. So today has been spent trawling through the Internet so I could get my hands on a copy of the beta (iOS 7.0). Well after two hours of YouTube, Google and dare I say Bing I finally stumbled across a link that lead me to the .ipsw file. And brought my iPhone 4S to the realm of iOS7.

My first initial hands on experience with the OS left me in awe at the design overhaul, which they have committed themselves too. It is a relief that the old ‘skeuomorphism’ design that has been over used and is now outdated, is now where it belongs – in the past – and the new minimalistic ‘flat’ design is being used. I love the new design (icons, default applications and lock screen) that has been applied to this version of iOS. The use of white backgrounds, black Helvetica Neue font that is used gives it a very modern feel, whilst the animations make it feel very fluid and easy to use. Gone are the days of just taping the screen, it now feels that the device requires the fluidity in finger swipes to navigate, terminate running apps and use the device; giving it a very nice feeling that is almost natural we are. Android has had these fluid swipes for years now making the iPhone feel rather primitive as if designed for the use of those who only know tapping with the occasional swipe, so its nice to have a sense of what I could only describe as evolution in an OS.

This is not the only feature that has brought me to smile as much as I have, the control center, new notification bar and lock screen have bought me equally as much joy as the design. In that the whole device feels completely different and more advanced. The new minimalistic design of the lock-screen makes my phone feel roomier; less cluttered and allows my background to take full shine! Something, which the previous iOS’s felt necessary to hide away behind, a letterbox frame cluttered with text and an icon. Going back o the notification bar (NB), the newly organized NB makes it a lot more enjoyable to use, and I find myself just swiping it down so I can play around with the new organized tabs. I can see this organization coming in very handy when my phone is in constant use daily. Granted it was a relief at the introduction of the NB in a previous iOS, especially since Windows OS and Android had these long before Apple. But I feel that Apple has rebranded the NB to their own standard with this organization, Sir Johnny Ive has really helped Apple excel this OS and I’m happy for his involvement.

But other than these changes I cannot see any new features that really push iOS above Android or even Windows OS. iOS is still lacking in some major areas, in comparison to Android, and sadly my copy of iOS 7 would not let me try out AirDrop (S Beam’s new competitor) so I can not really comment on this side of the iOS. But saying that I will be sticking with iOS for years to come, simply because Apple has shown it is willing to change their system but keep to their company idea of making iOS decision inclusive in the company to benefit the consumer. Rather than letting the consumer run wild on an open platform OS. Yes, there are benefits to have an open platform OS but why should I make the decisions I lead my life let someone else who is paid to make these decision make them, I haven’t had an quarrel with them – yet.

However, I am going to remove the iOS 7 beta from my phone, as I do not want to ruin the experience of getting a new iOS in fall. I have already fallen in love with what I have played with, and its made me want to wait even more for the polished, less bug-filled, finalized version that ever iOS device user should be so eagerly waiting for. Trust me it is worth the wait in my opinion.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    How did you remove it once it was downloaded?
    I cannot figure out how to get my phone back to normal after I downloaded the beta version…


    1. James Yorke says:

      I will post up a step by step guide within the hour for you 🙂


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