– An innovating idea aimed to help students.

It’s been a tough week, so far, and it’s only due to get better. All week we, the tablet team, have been pulling our efforts together to create the pitch and selling point of a side project we hope to run and set up. It’s now up and running, and we need 150 likes (3 of which must be from different university email addresses) to be considered for funding. I would just like to take a minute if your time to tell you about the project and where to vote if you’d be so kind to.

The Idea –

As students we all know that it can be hard to succeed and excel in certain areas of study. We also understand that peer learning can be a major benefit and offers great support for all university students throughout their degree. However, from our experiences, so far, we have found that traditional peer learning has taken a digital twist. Expanding on this natural development is how we; the Tablet Team; have come to develop the idea of creating a virtual learning environment for students, which we have dubbed “The Student VLE”.

How will it work? What are the deliverables? –

Here students from any university or institution can sign in and access a wide variety of resources (such as tablet apps, web pages or eBooks) recommended for their study by other students as well as recommending their own. Furthermore, students will be able to engage with students in other disciplines fostering a community of learning and discovery. While on the site, if the student requires additional help, he or she may connect and discuss with other users across the country and bring peer learning to a digital and national level. This also enables students in the network to become somewhat of an instructor of a topic which they have deep knowledge in, by assisting others in understanding further reading or topics they may be interested in or studying.

We aim to create this rich, beneficial connected online experience through using pre-existing tools readily available to universities (Moodle – customised and run by students) to keep the security and credibility to a high level. It is important to note that this is in no way linked to any university but instead operates as a networking space for students to work together as a group. This will in effect help them to develop and gain deeper understanding of subject that they wish to improve on. This will not only increase their academic knowledge, but also:

Improve digital literacy;
Independent learning/research skills;
and Networking.

Timescale –

Within two to three months, as a team of 4 we aim to have the site live and ready for the new academic year. Allowing all students (new or existing) use of the site for the years to come. Domain hosting will be funded through the selling of cheap advertising space to universities, student unions and student “friendly” companies; which will hopefully allow other projects being piloted by this competition to be circulated around our network of students. This will also support sustainability and discovery. Using existing tools available we will be able to enable the site to work with mobile device applications meaning that our VLE, unlike many universities provision, will be readily accessible from mobile and desktop devices, allowing national peer learning to be combined with mobile learning.

If you are interested in voting and support this project please do not hesitate to visit – Project Link and vote. It would be very appreciated. Thank you :).


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