Webinar, Greenwich and appreciation.

It’s a new week for the iPads in Higher education project and a few days ago I was given an amazing opportunity, by the leading lecture that is running the project to attend an online conference (or a webinar as he described it) yesterday (2nd May). So me, and my colleague, Kate hopped on the train to London at 8:45 am to get to Greenwich.

University of Greenwich, taken by Kate James.
University of Greenwich, taken by Kate James.

I must say the main campus is absolutely amazing, the architecture, carpentry and masonry on that site is to die for (but that is besides the point). Upon arriving we were told that we would be talking on this webinar and answering any questions directed at us, but a little shaken up we cracked on with producing our slides on Hints & Tips of being an Undergraduate Student Change Agent, which little did we know would be presented to over 180 people.

After the webinar was over, the shock and fear of the amount of people we talked to wore off and we decided that we had the rest of the day in London. Whilst on campus I was also confirmed to be on the trip to Westminster University next Thursday, (9th May). Where we would be talking at a workshop for 5-10 minutes. All these opportunities that I have been given for signing up to a project that interested me. I cannot begin to explain the routes, options, networks and CV boosting opportunities this has given me.

Survival Tip #7 – If an opportunity arises to work with lectures on a student based project, one would be silly to not consider applying. This was the best decision I have made.


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