Digital literacy, iPads and moving forward.

It’s been a few week; well nearly a month; since I last posted and it feels good to be back at University. The iPads in Higher Education project, feels like it has come to a halt; the site has not been updated for a while (So I am going to crack out a few App of The weeks later today after revision to post up). But a lot is stirring in the project and there could be some quiet exciting developments.

But first I thought it would be wise to give JISC a little “shout out” here, because I attended one of their workshops at the start of the final semester on digital literacy. Lets just say it was a real eye opener. There is a lot more to digital literacy than we are undergraduates and most probably post graduates think, but the irony is that we have the skills and understanding of digital literacy but do not implement it. The workshop was based on the “Critical Thinking behind Digital Literacy”.  Below is the diagram which we created for Artefact, and who would have thought that there would be so much to think about when creating a website.

JISC Workshop Outcome. Critical thinking behind digital literacy.
JISC Workshop Outcome. Critical thinking behind digital literacy.

Looking back to when we created we thought about 97.5% of all of the items listed to the right. It is crazy to think that we have the knowledge, but not the critical understanding of something that we use so often. But then again I could draw a link to a similar medicinal drug used (Anaesthesia). [I’ve been reading a book on it by Stephanie J. Snow] We do not know how anaesthesia works fully, but we still use it because we know it work. Is this not the same as our use of digital literacy?

Anyway, a few weeks have passed and I am glad that I managed to attend the workshop as it was, as I said before, a real eye opener.  In a meeting on Monday, we decided that it was time to move forward with Focus groups, and start to discuss with students what they love, hate and want to change about the iPads and how they use them in Higher Education. We have it all prepared, questions set; we just need the students to actually attend (which seems to be our main problem). Hopefully the one scheduled for today will go smoothly.


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