The new revision tool, that is saving my life.

I know it’s only been a few days since my last blog, but as a student I felt obligated to share what I have found with my fellow students out there. In England, the exam period (in may) is coming up. These are our finals and after these finals we will be preparing for a lovely long summer break so that we are relaxed and ready for our next year. I have always struggled with revising and exams; but I have found an online tool that, in my personal opinion, makes revision a lot easier and also accessible anywhere.

It’s online,, it is a new website (currently in beta) which allows one to make all of the necessary documents, i.e. lecture notes, flash cards, quizzes, mind maps, etc. But on an online format that can be edited, downloaded, printed, saved and accessible on an Internet enabled device (iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Mac’s, Laptops, Desktops, you name it and it will probably work).

I have only been working on it this morning after discovering it last night, and so far I honestly think that this will be my lifeline in revision; due to its simplistic interface and easy to use ability. As it is I have to start my revision early in the year so that I can try and get as much of the information crammed back into my head so I can do well in the exam. I have been achieving grades between 64-90% all year (with the exception of 1 test) and I want to continue my trend of doing well. I’d love to hear what my fellow students (International and British) have to say about this online revision tool. Let me know. I’ve included a screenshot below of one of my mind maps based on enzymes so far.

Image – My enzyme revision so far.


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  1. Hi James,

    Thanks again for letting your friends know about ExamTime and our free online study tools! We are delighted that you are finding our software useful and hope your friends will too!

    As you’ve said above, we are still in Beta mode which means we are continuing to develop and improve ExamTime so let us know if you have any feedback about using the applications at

    So far you can use our free Mind Maps, Flashcards, Study Quizzes and the newly introduced Study Notes tools to help you study better…….. but keep your ear to the ground for even more study tools in the near future!

    All the best,

    The ExamTime team


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