Early morning take on life, scene one and … action!

I awoke this morning, after a busy week of preparation (I had to cancel my trip to Brighton Yesterday for family reasons[*] ) in a state of deep thought. I was disappointed that I had to drop out of the trip to Brighton, and come home but I am sure there will be plenty of other opportunities arising over the next months as we get more recognition for our iPads in Higher Education work.

But over the last week I have seriously been reconsidering my options for Post University. Do I really want to go into the Pharmaceutical Industry (there’s a high demand for it across the globe) or do I want a more rewarding career? By rewarding I mean education, passing my knowledge onto a younger generation in an attempt to inspire and support those who want to learn. For obvious reasons I need to think long and hard and I am only coming to the end of my First Year, but I have some serious questions on if I want to:

  • Have a career in the Pharm. Industry;
  • Look into and follow the educational route;
    • Either through Primary Teaching;
    • Higher Education Teaching;

I know it seems like a very random career move, but I have had a lot, I used to study Art, Photography and Media Studies, back in A-Levels and now look at me I am a science geek in the laboratories at university studying for a degree in Drugs, Drug Design and Delivery. As a great radio presenter would usually say “Who’d A thunk it?’

[*] I will elaborate on the iPad project in a post next week. 


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