Two weeks on, in the iPads in higher education project.

Time has moved on now since the launch of the iPads in Higher Education website;; and the project has had a sense of confusion to it since the launch. However, this confusion has been temporarily swept away and as a group we all seem very committed to continue working. The Brighton University trip is looming a week today, and I must say I am overly excited and ecstatic to be involved in such an opportunity.  I do not know how the trip is going to go, but I think it will be a good laugh, help bring recognition to the project and also provide us with essential public speaking skills. I am sure you will all; find out the results of this in a blog post next week.

Yesterday (12th March 2013) Eben, Zahin and me we sat in the library planning the video interviews we had to produce for one of the senior lecturers; Dr. M Kerrigan, based on digital resources and their use in Higher Education. The problem is, now we are interviewed; we just need to interview Katie; its time to start interviewing the other students in our year so that we can make sure we get an unbiased view on digital resources in higher education. So far we’ve been told that JISC (the company supporting this project) want to find out:

  • The views we (the students) have on resources that are available for our study;
  • What digital devices we (the students) own and if we use them for education;
  • If we would go fully digital in education if we had the chance;
  • Were do we find the resources we use for our learning.

So yesterday was spent, creating video responses to majority of their questions between us three and I think in the upcoming weeks, we will be trying to interview other students to get their responses. I will need to find those digital capture approval forms, they are quite important for this stage of the project.

In the group meeting last Friday (8th March 2013) Mark put me in charge of leading ‘Staff Focus’ groups. I think this is going to be quiet an interesting subject to see how people on the opposite side to learning the delivers of information feel about the use of the iPads in higher education. I do not know when these are going to begin, but the qualitative information gained from these focus groups will surely help the senior lecturers build their case for extended the use of iPads in higher education across the whole university and universities across the country.


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