The inside view of a thought from me

It is weird, I can only seem to find one word to describe myself lately and I seem to be finding more evidence to support my behavior. This word is “strategist”. According to Google (not really sure how accurate this is),

A Strategist is a person skilled in planning action or policy, esp. in war or politics

You will no probably be asking yourselves how the hell does this guy think he is a strategist? He has no experience in war planning or politics! Well you are right there I have absolutely no idea how politics works and it’s why I never desire to be a politician. I do not think I could cheat the system and a bigot for my whole life.

But I do like to plan ahead, and no not a few weeks in advance. I’ve been told I have a business mans mind, in that I plan ahead into the future and my head lives in the future. For example I have recently found myself planning my house with my partner; which is not guaranteed for at least another year and a half! I also have planned my future career.

Yes I have taken a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, however I feel that this to too general. I have decided that in my final year I want to study neuropharmacology. Then upon graduation I want to attend the University of Hertfordshire, where I will study a MSc in Pharmacology specializing in ‘Cardio Pharmacology’ (more precisely cardiovascular pharmacology). Obviously there is the possibility that I am going to fail; apologies I am a realist too at times; but I find myself feeling insecure and lost if I do not know what is happening.

In some ways I think that this is a weakness as much as it is a strength. I would love to get a psychological view on this, if there are any psychology students/psychologists out there who are willing to offer an opinion on this I would be grateful.


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