iPads in Higher Education

I have been working alongside a few senior lecturers at the university now for nearly 2 months on perfecting the use of iPads and tablets in higher education. It has been a strange, but enthralling experience so far and I am indeed looking forward to every opportunity this project has to throw at me. So far we have worked hard to get the website up and running, it is now fully operation and content is going to be added weekly. Also the lead lecturer announced today that he has been given ethical permission for us and the other students to be interviewed on the matter, this allows him to gain qualitative evidence on the use of mobile learning and the experience students have for this project; to say the lease I am pretty excited about the feedback and where it will go.

The senior lecturers have approached us and asked the four of us; I failed to mention there are three others and me working on this team; to visit other universities so that we can talk to staff about the subject. We’ve been using the iPads in the laboratory setting since September 2012, it’s now been nearly 6 months and we are close to kicking out the kinks in the system.

Next year sadly we might not have them as they will be passed on to the latest first years, however this project I am a part of until December 2013 has truly got me thinking about other routes. Ultimately all we can do is suggest ways in which the students would see fit to move the project to a new level. But in reality it is down to the senior lecturers running the project if these new routes are looked into. They seemed pretty excited when the four of us mentioned about us hosting our own conference on the main campus in London. So who knows what will happen?

All I know is that we have been offered an opportunity, along with the lecturers involved in the project, to head down to Brighton University Medical School on the 20th March 2013 and talk to the lectures face to face about how we are finding the project and if we have seen any improvements so far. I do not really want to say too much, about this, but I can safely say I am really happy that I applied for this what I could think could be described as a “change agent”?


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