The reality of being a student (Term 2)

I am now half way through my second term here at the University of Greenwich, Medway campus. Throughout my short time here I have gone through some of the biggest life changes and reality has quiet often slapped me in the face, with what I can only describe to be as ‘one big wet fish’. I’ve been trying to think of my top 5 tips for surviving university and these will probably alter as I progress and develop into a more mature, responsible young adult. However, so far I have come up with this,

Survival Tip #1 – People can be as fake as a wax model, even those who you’ve known since you were little. (Choose them well)

Survival Tip #2 – Holding down a job is hard when your studies take up 95% of your time, you’ll need to find a happy medium or prioritize the important. Which is your education.

Survival Tip #3 – Paper may be made from trees but money doesn’t grow on them. This one comes from the life experience of budgeting. It is hard when you are a student and living can be tough. [*]

Survival Tip #4 – Your course mates are not enemies, they are there to help as much as you are to them, A wise friend of mine told me this and to this day so far I could not have asked for better advise.

Survival Tip #5 – You are never alone. This is the biggest one to remember, if you have to remember one tip, please make it this one. You are never alone, countless nights I have been sat alone in my room crying and I didn’t seek someone to talk to. Family, friends, flat mates there are there for you no matter what the problem is someone will be kind enough to listen and help.

I know that this is not the most exciting of starting posts for a blog about my university life, but I thought lets just jump straight in. I dare say more tips to surviving university will pop up throughout my posts. I will keep you posted on these though.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this one,

Survival Tip #6 – The kitchen will always be a mess and you will always get the blame for the mess; even if it is not yours and you have evidence to prove it was not you. Avoid the conflict and just accept that we live in a mess for three to four years of our life.

Anyway it’s best I get back to my biology essay its due in 1st March, but its nice to get things out the way. Means I actually get some me time.

[*] I truly resent people who compare university for “kids” these days to that of the past. They say that we get is easier because we get money, actually inflation hasn’t been kind to students, it is expensive to live off of £10 to £20 a week and generally we live of nothing.


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